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2002-12-03 05:25:36 (UTC)

no ones home and the weather is fine

im so sleepy. and listening to really great music. that
entirely fits my mood. i hurt. and i hate it. my eyes are
burning. and i need to sleep. i have to pee as well. i
dont want to sleep ever again. i wish i could just be
awake all the time. i always feel like i miss out on so
much of my life by sleeping. its strange how the world and
how us humans work. dont you think. carrots are filling my
stomach. and i want to scream. i saw ron tonight. i saw
too many boys tonight. i want to be touched by a girl. my
toe hurts. i think i broke it off. its laying by the
printer. in a big pile of water that i spilled. that i
didnt clean. wow. i hope i didnt really break it. it hurts
a lot. its hot. emily is with scott and friends. ron is at
that guys apartment probably. shannon is in indiana. sandy
is in mass in her girlfriends bed most likely. robin is
being cute in nc. jennifer is with her husband in ocala.
stefanie is with her husband in bed. sergio is in chicago
most likely being sad. audra is in alabama i think. i
forget. shaun is in tallahassee. my toe is still by the
printer. mowie is waiting for me. and i am going elsewhere.