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2002-12-03 05:09:38 (UTC)

survey about me

i just got this email from tasha. its a survey she had me
fill out about her a while ago, and she sent it back about
me. it made me happy to read it...i actually didnt feel
like a loser for the few minutes i read it. anyway here it
is (i just deleted a couple questions like my phone# and
where i live, cuz i dont wanna post that online):


Answer these and send it back. Then send a blank copy and
I'll Answer and send it to you

1. Your name: Tasha

2. My name: Tiffany

3. How long you've known me: we have known each other for a
long time...but we became friends in middle school

4. Am I a good friend: yes you are, I would be there for
you anytime, and I know you'd be here if I needed you

5. My hair color: a dark blonde maybe? It has been so many
different colors.

6. My eye color: blue I think

9. My grade: Let me think, this is your second year correct?

10. My age: 18

11. Am I fun to be with/talk to: yes you are

12. Am I A virgin? If not when did I lose my virginity: I
am honestly not at all sure...I thought you were, but maybe
not 13. Siblings I have: CJ and
Travis, then half siblings that I do not know the names

14. Am I ugly, OK, pretty/handsome, sexy, striking, or
blazin' (in other

words rate me on a scale of 1 - 10 also): You are very

15. Rate my personality on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 is great,
1 is horrible): you are lots of fun to hang out with, you
have a great personality

16. Main things I look for in a mate: piercings, tattoos,
cute, nice, good sense of humor, and smart

17. What stands out about me the most: Your piercing above
your lip...I love that a whole lot, and you fun personality

18. Kind of music I listen to: Mainly hard stuff, but also
a little punk and ska and emo...a little of everything
except punk and country

19. My favorite food and drink: pizza and cola

20. My favorite band: Oh idk, Eighteen Visions?

21. My favorite song: "Motionless and White" by 18 Visions

22. My favorite music video: I have no clue, sorry

23. Song that you think describes me best: ummmm...sorry,
another idk

24. My favorite class: your Photography class?

25. My favorite sport: hockey

26. My favorite thing to do: Go see shows and crowd surf,
sky dive, walk around NYC, and go to classes

27. My favorite number: no clue, this topic never came up
in conversation

29. My height: I'd guess about 5'8" 5'9"

30. My weight: between 100 and 130

31. My number one enemy: I don't know, James?

32. Who I hate the most: Well, I am going to guess that
your number one enemy would be the same as the person you
hate the most, so James?

33. What I hate the most: icy roads and having to call our
parents at 2 in the morning to get rides

34. Do I have a boyfriend/girlfriend: None that I know of,
last I know was James, so I don't know

35. Who is/are my crush(es): I don't know, besides the
whole Ian 'fucking hot' thing, I don't know

36. What would you change about me: Nothing...I wouldn't
mind if we lived closer, but it is all good

37. What's my best physical feature: I love your hair, and,
well, your tattoo :-)

38. What's best about my personality: you know when to joke
around, and when not to, and you always know how to make me
smile :-)

39. Future occupation: You don't even know that. But I
could see you doing something with business, like managing
a restaurant or executive of a company maybe...

40. Five words that best describe me: Lets see here...Nice,
listen, fun, crazy, and exciting.

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