Electric monkey
2001-08-25 04:24:27 (UTC)

8-24-01 [Friday]

Ah, the first weekend break of the school year.. ah, and it
is well needed too, im so tired. i dont feel too tired
right now but i know i have to be. bleh. waking up at 6am
just isnt my thing. tomorrow im sleeping in till whenever,
and then staying out late, just like any other regular
summer day.... *sigh* i miss it already. damn. today is
friday... yep.. so after school we got together and went to
the union... played 4 games of pool which ben and graham
kicked me and jessica's asses... all 4 games! what crap. it
just wasnt my day for pool i guess, i usually do alot
better! then we got hungry and ate at laughing planet! yum!
then we got bored and went to my house! untill now...
11pm... everyone has left my house and it always seems like
my room is all quiet and bare when everyone leaves, if
they've been over all night. we played music a lot. jessica
and her 'nice' harmonica. *wink*. and graham taught
me "soothe" by the smashing pumpkins.. well the first lil
riff thing.. then i taught jessica the same song because im
the only one that can teach her... im her guitar teacher.
so. thats all i care to say at the moment. ill get back to
you if i think of anything else.
Lindz [Iris]