Adventres in Taiwan
2001-08-25 03:51:09 (UTC)

My New Life

Well, things are pretty set up here. Josh and Catherine,
who own Taiwan Teachers, have gone above and beyond what
they signed me up for. Within hours of my arrival, I
already had my first interview with a school, and by Monday
I had already choosen one on four schools to work at. A
day and a half of searching for apts with Catherine, and I
had a place picked out. Sunday, I will move in, and Monday
things should start swinging at the school.

The school that I work at is called Harvardland, and it is
beautiful. The building that it is in is fantastic, and
brand new. You really have to see the other schools in
Kaohsiung to understand how pretty my school is. There are
a few drawbacks, though. The school is in Gung-Shan, which
is a 20 minute commute by train, and I have to work longer
hours than most teachers, but it pays well, and it includes
two meals/day and a nap. Sweet...

And my new apt! Its not that the whole thing is fantastic,
but there is just something special about it. The main
room, which is a livingroom/bedroom is totally open, and
absolute huge. And the full front of the room is all
windows that look out on to a main road in the city, close
to the train station, and close to the place where I am
going to take Chinese lessons! I am so excited about
that. I really want to do everything while I am here. If
anyone wants to look up my place, it is near Jungshan (or
Chungshan) Rd and Lingya Rd. in Kaoshiung.

Anyway, I thought that this might be an easier way to
update people about my day-to-day stuff in Taiwan because I
kept getting the same questions. So my emails to you guys
will be a little more personal, and this diary will be a
little more general. And don't worry, I have tons more to
write about! Taiwan is a very interesting place.