champagne supernova
2002-12-03 04:06:31 (UTC)

the orange white out bottle

Well after all thedust has finaly cleared........IM GONGTO
VIRGINIAwoohoo go me man...u know urlucky when ur
boyfriends mom is willing to fork ove 336$ and 50 cents
just so you and her son can be together for 14 days. Makes
u really thankful knowing she takes us seriously now. as
apposed to .."you guys should date other
people" her say that in a little over a
year.....ive grownto know marianne more and i respect her
tons.even considering that i dont live even realativly close to
them...the more i talkto her the more i get to know her..and im glad
i have that chance...she
could hve just im sorry...u cant see each
other..but she didnt...and she said on the phone
today..."welli cant wait to see you were going to have
such a great glad it is all working outill be in
touch love you" ...shes never said that to me
before..."love you".....and it realy meant alot to me life
s good ladies and is gonna miss
you all over break .....later guys