2001-08-25 03:41:23 (UTC)

i wanna be alright

ok. so i dont feel like goin into any deep kind of shit
right now, all i wanna do is just write, and not stop
writin. see what happens.

well today was alright. i had test, pased them. and the,

i miss audrey, imisshow we used to be close, but karma is a
bitch and now im jjst trying to ride it out and let it just
flow,a nd hope that one day, hopefully soon, it rides
itself off and dies. and leaves me the fuck alone.

psychology was rad today. i had fun. we learned soemthing
callled 'free speach' its just when you, or whoever, keeps
talking and sooner or later, that person starts to run
outta thing to talk about and unconcisouly they start to
talk about things like in their past or memories that they
had in the back of their heads and it just comes out. it
happened twiice in my class, once with a girl and another a
boy. very convincing. i need to make brian do one of those.
but rather, im afriad of what will come out. theres no
control. it just spills.....scary, i think.

tomaro, i see my baby! and then i hang with audrey. it
seems that the plan that me and audrey had to do together,
shes decided that crystal would be a fill in. or yeah. im
goin now. good night.

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