2002-12-03 03:54:58 (UTC)

Just Writing

Hey Diary,
Sorry I haven't written in so long but I just haven't
really thought about it. I am just finishing my last
weekend with the Louisiana Renaissance Fair and I hope this
last weekend will be the best one yet. I have had alot of
fun this year and will miss it when it is over.

The hardest thing for me was that I met this gorgeous woman
there and she lives far away. There is nothing I can do
about it, but I still wish I could be with her. Also, I
don't think she misses me as much as I wish she did. As a
matter of fact I think it was just one of those weekend
things that sometimes happen. I just wish to hell it
wouldn't happen to me. I know I shouldn't feel as bad as I
do cause I don't know her all that well, but she is
everything I am looking for in a woman. She is intelligent,
funny, beautiful, talented. I don't think there is anything
this woman couldn't do if she set her mind to do it.

I am also out of a job and have been without one for quite
some time now. My room mate kicked me out at the end of
September so his girlfriend and her two kids could move in.
Ever since I have been without a job. I had to spend three
days out at my Uncle Bubba's house in Bogulusa. First off
this place is out in the middle of nowhere. I mean it was
liking living on the farm in the Grapes of Wrath. Then my
uncle wanted me to clean his yard for letting me stay there
for for the three days I was there. I left there as quickly
as I could. I have been moving around and staying with
friends ever since. Thankgiving just past last week and it
was alot of fun.

Well I have more detailed stuff to write but I just don't
feel up to it at the moment. maybe I will write again
before the end of this week. Write to you later diary. BYE