Book of the Purple Faerie
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2002-12-03 03:48:48 (UTC)

Back from Break...

It's good to be back

Don't get me wrong, I loved hanging out with my family, I
truly do. But I feel like I have something to prove to
them... it makes me act differently and sometimes I don't
like it. Wearing socks that clash from the outfit I'm
wearing is a form of rebellion against the perfectionist
persona my mother emits. I love her to death, but she nags.
I know I'm inactive and don't worry too much about my
appearance, but I'm alright with that. I just wish I could
be perfect so that I could please everyone. I just want to
make my family proud of me. I love them so much...


Jason and Chris and Michelle and Debra and Bethany and

I missed them soooo much But now Jason is better and all
but Mi-hime have returned and I'm just so happy We all
watched Excel Saga together and now me, Jason and Heather
are going to watch Future Wars, whilst I try to work on my
grammar. I should be doing my Tech and Sci for tomorrow,
but I'll get it done eventually. There isn't much I can do
to modify my paper, because the library didn't have the
article I needed, so I can't evaluate page layout. I'll
attach a note that says if he wants me to redo the
assignment, I'll find another article and do so, but Dr.
Cosgrove didn't tell me to find one, so I'm not So there

Bed felt sooooooo orgasmically good this morning... I
didn't want to leave. Oh, so good... Ohhhhh...

Dr. Walters is excited about my speech on tarot readings
and Dr. Dimarco has given our class the answers to the
first half a midterm.

Life is good.

Working, slowly, but surely

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