miss sassy badassy

well...aren't we sassy?
2001-08-25 03:27:12 (UTC)


eleven twenty...on a cool friday evening...i should have
gone out tonight..but against my better judgemnet..i stayed
in. but playing with people that i really like playing with
just wasn;t in the stars for me this evening. so instead i
sit and write...here..alone...i think i do this for a peice
of mind..it keeps me sane. sanity bah..who needs it? i
effin do. i guess i am making nosense..but who the eff is
readin this anyway...

....he called me sweets today...its just the little things
that make me oh so happy..maybe the reason for that is that
i never had something BIG to make me happy...evnetually..in
due time my dear.....so much to say..too little time. my
mind wonders so fast these days..with my voice ever catch
up? the rapid speed at which my mind moves scares me to be
honest...twisting and turning..never knowing which way is
up..or sideways for that matter. ...