Pointless Bitching
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2002-12-03 03:34:26 (UTC)

Looking into the Stars

I'm honestly surprised. 2 people replied to my first
post, shortly after I wrote it. Amazing, isn't it? do
random strangers actually happen to care to what another
person says? I thought those were the things dreams were
made of.

I was taking out the garbage, and I noticed the stars. I
remember wanting to be an astronaut as a young kid (hell,
didn't every kid wanna be an astronaut?). I live out in
the country, so the stars a little easier to see than it
is in the city. I would sit out there and few the stars
for hours, if it weren't so freaking cold. I'm eating a
peanut butter cracker right now, and I must say, they're
quite delicious. For some reason, after I ranted on my
first post, I'm feeling much less tense right now. Thank
you for anyone reading this.

I should consider myself lucky, in the fact that I have
great friends. Although, as you may have saw in my last
post, I do happen to wish I had female friends, I should
be greatful that I have friends at all. I'm fortunate
enough to actually have people that I can share my secrets
with, and not be worried about how I may be treated back.
I wonder if my real friends are going to read this. It's
a different story when you have people you don't know
reading it.

Don't you ever wish you could just travel to the stars?
I really don't think this whole journal thing is about me
writing how I feel. I think it's more along the line of,
let me tell you about my life, and maybe you'll enjoy what
you read. I like biology, and I like engineering. I
think I want to go into computer engineering. I've
thought about it, but probably not thought about it
enough. Is it weird that I actually like biology? Most
kids I talk to care about things such as which girl is
hotter, etc. Sure, I like talking about that stuff too,
but isn't it more interesting to discuss, "are viruses
alive?", "what makes the computer you're on right now
work?" I dunno, I guess it's the complicated questions
that are more fun to think about while you're on the ol'
John, and during economics class.

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