The Sexy Blonde
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2002-12-03 03:28:19 (UTC)


Nothing has been going on much with me. Felicia and Mark
are at the highest point in their relationship right now.
Mark doesn't trust Felcia, and Felicia don't give a fuck.
She does but she doesn't want him to tell her what to do
and shit. Erica still thinks she is supposedly pregnant,
but I know she is not. She wrote me a letter saying that
she might still be preggo and the guy she fucked got 3
other homegirls of hers pregnant, and he called her a hoe.
Supposedly she might be preggos but I do not think so.
Vanessa got pregnant, but she not anymore, her sister
accidently jumped on her and didn't know she was pregnant.
My mom and I taped my mom's, mine, and fathers conversation
last night. We did it so we could have proof that he
promised me to write letters until the 21st of December.
I've been putting off this diary because I do not enjoy
writing in it anymore. It is so boring and I am tired of
loooking at it. Theres no communication between anybody.
Knowone writes me notes anymore either.
Jose and I have been getting along a lot better this month.
Plus I found out that he is 21. I found out two days before
his birthday (11-26-81). Instead of turning 20, like I
thought, he turned 21. Well anyway, I gotta go
Have a great day
God Bless You

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