2002-12-03 03:15:11 (UTC)

Hmm, I guess It s been a year..

Hmm, I guess It's been a year or so since I have updated
this crappy journal. The only reason I'm really doing this
is because this damn diary keeps sending me automated
emails telling me that I haven't updated in forever. FUCK
OFF Here ya go, I don't even know the URL to this journal.

So let's see, since I last posted, I have owned three
different domains. 2 of which where very popular cam girl
blogs, and one of which I still have in my daughters name
which I use to store and upload my pictures.

I currently blog in a Live Journal, and I have been keeping
my life pretty much to myself.

I have had mental problems in the past year, and I have
been dealing with that also. I have been on heavy
medications, one right after another, and they have my body
completely drained they should have just taken out my
entire brain.

Good luck in this world you fools, and leaveme the hell