I am Jack
2002-12-03 03:10:28 (UTC)

My all time, desert island, top five boxes

I'm feeling pretty stressed lately about all the things I
need to get done in these next two days before I leave. I'm
just barely getting a chance to really pack. actually,
almost everything is still packed, I'm just consolidating
all the boxes I'm going to take; only what'll fit in my
car. It makes you think about what things are really
important to you, the things you can't leave behind. It
kinda reminds me of when I first left for college, only it
was easier then cause I didn't have so much stuff. This
whole venture reminds me of leaving for college: I'm not
sure what's gonna happen, but I'm sure I'll have fun
between the hard times.
Thanksgiving was ok, just a small dinner with the
family. But ever since then it's been a marathon of seeing
friends and relatives. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, but
that annoying feeling at the back of my mind: I should be
packing right now, I should be finishing my sister's CD
project, and of course recalling I won't see you guys again
for a long time...
Saw Frida at the Angelika with Matt and Taylor, that was pretty
good, then some late night Cafe Brazil.
Went to Denton to see the artists Tena and Brien, (thanks for the
sketches guys.) We went to a club called Rubber Gloves. Saw 2 bands:
Whips and Furs (Melancolic, not too great) and Fin De Munde (The End
of the World, kinda punk rockish)
Last night went over to Gary's, watched the Sopranos,
played some Clone Wars, then headed out to the Lizard
Lounge one last time for Church night. I thought I'd have a
good time, but it was actually kinda depressing; saying
goodbye to alot of people I've gotten to know there, right
down to the bartender chick who knows my name and drink.
Luckily I got to see some people I don't get to see too
often: Rachelle (I have dreams about you too, btw), Prasanth,
Bought a real nice 2002 road atlas today ($3, half Price
books, baby) to plan out the route. Most of the stuff I'm
going to be taking is all over the floor in the game room.
Let's hope When I load it all into the car I can still shut
the doors.

"...We drop down into Texas, and from there it's a
straight shot into -California. That's right, and we don't
stop 'till we hit the fuckin' ocean" -from Kalifornia