~*life sucks*~
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2002-12-03 03:02:36 (UTC)

Sometimes i hate myself

Sometimes i hate when people think i'm happy all the time
someonetimes i laugh when i'm sad but when i'm happy i
cover it up and cry i really don't know its so werid.
Soemtime i want guys to die all they care about is how a
girl looks not really what she is like as a personiality
they might like u but won't tell cuz of what there friends
might think so screw them. I want to work on my image but
the safe way by exercising which is the best lol but its
boring as hell and sucks ya know. i hope certain people
don't read this ya know but this is who i truly am this is
why i love this diary so much it talks about me and how i
feel not some corny diary that says hi my day was great
today like everyday b/c u know ther really full of shit but
anyways i actually kinda did have a good day besided the
fact that people like to use u for stuff which is annoying
as ever. well i g2g. love ya all truly