~*life sucks*~
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2002-12-03 02:53:01 (UTC)

much better

HEy things have been going much better lately we got off
for a week for thanksgiving and i went to st.louis i missed
my bff steph but we still got to talk like at 12 on the
internet lol. She decided to eat again and if she looks at
this i already new you gave up food for awhile but i knew
that if u truly cared up me and everyone else u would do
whats best for ya. o ya i thought i should say that the
average girl weighs 144 so ya your not there lol. Omg
people have been getting on my nerves to like john he keeps
saying stupid things and hes just blah i just don't like
him sometimes lol but i bet he hates me most of the time
anyways. i like this guy not saying who alot but i have no
clue y since he don't like me and all but i just think i'm
goig to give up on all the guys i like now and start new
maybe some that go to a diff skewl lol i hate my skewl
sometime i wanna move but if i ever do i got to take steph
lol. man i waas sick on thanksgiving i could't eat anything
lol o well theres the extra pounds i didn't gain lol. never
go to scarey movies with steph she bites lol.

o ya stephs kitty hurt its self :(.

**(if you don't have a single person that you are super
close to and that u love the most meaning as your
bestfriend in the end u will have no one)**