No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-12-03 01:14:04 (UTC)

random thoughts throughout my day

hey how are you? I'm pretty good. Glad to be back in
school. I wore a skirt was crazy. I got so many
compliments on my outfit, hair (i dyed it), eyes (probably
the hair makes them come out), and colorguard.
A couple people asked me about the whole Terry situation.
More people asked Trish than they did me. I'm just happy
everything is sorted out. I really like him. Trish thinks
he's just playing games with me. I hope not. But, I can't
change the way I feel.
Jess is getting pissy with me. I think she is jealous about
Alisha and I being friends. I tried talking to her about it
today but she shrugged me off and had a really bad attitude
so I just gave up and walked away.
I'm trying to think if anything else important happened.
*thinks hard* nope. lol. I'll let you go. Later.