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antipodean delights...
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2001-08-25 01:31:18 (UTC)

Honest. Raw. Naked. :)

Why is it that I am compelled to edit, rewrite and delete.. even from
a diary? Where surely Honesty, Rawness and a certain degree of
Nakedness (which is a fine thing.. :) are prerequisites for sharing
your soul?
Maybe it's that it involves such vulnerability. Laying oneself bare
before others.
"I have laid my dreams before you.. tread softly.. for you tread on
my dreams.."
That kind of thing..
I am sure there is a cure. :) I just need to find it. Or have it
shown to me. *hint hint*
The trouble with only sharing bits of the bigger picture, is that
others take it upon themselves to fill in the gaps, with assumptions
and wild flights of fantasy. Which can be either a good or bad thing,
depending upon who is doing the assuming. (And let's be honest..
we've all been the assumer at times.. and at others, the assumee..
"Do our inner thoughts ever show outwardly? There may be a great fire
in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the
passers-by see only a wisp of smoke coming through the chimney, and
go along their way." - Vincent Van Gough
Okay, okay.. I want others to see the great fire, not just the wisps
of smoke. Therefore, (ergo.. ;) In these Chronicles of Antipodean
Delights.. I shall undertake to be Honest. Raw. Naked. :) (oh yes,
they are certainly Capital Letter words!)
I give my word. As an International Woman of Mystery. :)
Starting with my next diary entry. lol
The Ju Ju Queen x

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