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2001-08-25 01:27:05 (UTC)

Gummy Bears!!!!!!


The bless-ed gummy bears! The Year of Our Gummy is upon
us! Live long and prosper, my gooey friends!
Hey, so I like gummy bears. Give me a break, okay?
Yeah, 'swhat I thought.
Dammit, my mom was SUPPOSED to rent Hannibal tonight -
but NOOOO. She is at a damned football game. Ugck.
I was quite hyper today. Had some funny classes (yeah,
I actually LIKE school this year - amazing, but true!)
Well, usually on here, I'm bitching about my terrible
life, but not tonight. I just wanted to spread the joy of
the Gummy. Perhaps make someone happy. So, Diary and all
my friends out there, Adieu.