Life and Nothing Like It
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2002-12-03 00:53:19 (UTC)

Day 1

Today was actually a relatively good day. In lunch, Hallie
and I had what I thought was a little bonding time. Laura
and Katie went off (not even telling us where they were
going or asking if we wanted to go with) and I didn't
particularly care to cram my food down my throat to catch
up with them. So Hal and I talked for a while and I
realized, for perhaps the ten zillionth time in my life,
that I am not the only one who feels the way that I do.
Life is a beast and there will always be a time when you
get pissed off at someone and, looking back even now, I see
that it was no big thing. At the time though- it was my
world and my self that walked out on me with Laura and
I was reading someone's away message/profile and I got a
little peeved. They put in it a personal message to Sarah
Trumble. I don't know, even the mention of her pisses me
off. I mean, after the whole fiasco last year, I can't even
stand the though of her. How can it be that she just flicks
me away with no thought, no remorse? Did she care that
little for me when we were supposedly friends? I mean that
really hurts.
The back story goes like this:
Trumble, Laura, Katie, and Hallie all got pissed off at
eachother. Trumble proceded to ignore and slight all of us,
me included. I had nothing to do with anything an she
involved me. Then, when she was going around handing
out "I'm sorry"s to just about everyone, she didn't say a
word to me. She just assumed that, since I had been on the
other peoples' side, that when they forgave her, I would
too. Well forget that Hell no. I was treated badly and I
deserved an apology.
I continued to treat her the same way I had when the
rest of them had been mad at her, expecting an apology
anytime now. But none ever came. She left like 2 weeks
after school started and she hadn't even tried to hook up
with me over the summer. Some friend, right?
But yeah, getting back to today...It was pretty productive.
I found out I got a 92 in alg/trig. I was supposed to be
happy, right? No. Not according to the all-powerful Jordan
Cauley. He was like 'If I had your talent and my work
ethic, an A would be no problem.' I was like what was that
supposed to mean? I try a little, I do some work and it
just has to be spit back into my face? Like Francis was
talking about something with Ms. Philips and how she hated
the fact that I was smart but didn't do any work. That was
like 2 years ago and he just has to spit it out.
I don't think I'm appreciated even half enough. Oh well.

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