2002-12-03 00:05:01 (UTC)

aquatic fish

i stop talking to you because i just get so mad
(3:56:15 PM): and like, i feel like i could kill you
(3:56:20 PM): but i love you
(3:56:25 PM): and it just tears me up

i get so mad at you
(4:18:39 PM): but i just want to hug you too
(4:18:45 PM): and for you to know that i love you
(4:18:52 PM): and i would never purposely hurt you
(4:19:01 PM): but when i get mad, it's like none of that

=) so shannon and i are back on good terms. which makes me
really happy. i missed having her to talk to. it sucks
when someone you care about is mad at you and not speaking
to you.

so anyway.

yes another entire day spent on homework in progress.

and oh how delighted is this little girl?


motherfucking motherfucker.

time for some coffee and nicotine and...heh. no. it stops