Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2002-12-02 23:44:48 (UTC)


There is an Asian boy at my school and ::drools:: wow...
Just wow....

He has white-out contacts, like Dani Filth, and he makes me
squirm whenever I see him. Of course, it's mostly because
his contacts remind me of Dani. I wouldn't have picked him
out of the crowd otherwise, but he is cute... The odd
thing is one would think it would be odd to see someone
walking around with white-out contacts on, but they seem so
right on him. Which is strange, because I never thought
they would look "normal" on anyone.

Changing subjects now. After school today I showed my mom
pictures of Jeff Hardy. She said he was hot, but she still
likes Dani better ^.^

What else... oh yeah, I have *lots* of pictures of Falcon
on my laptop now, but nowhere near as many as I have of
Dani or Travis or Sonny. But more than I have of either DJ
or Ariel.

Yesterday I went to the cemetery with Salem Bathory and
Izzy. That was fun, but Izzy's convinced that Salem didn't
like her because she's a dead-body fucker. Which isn't
true, it's a joke Here, I'll explain... There is barbed
wire on top of the fence in the cemetery. Izzy wondered
why, and Salem said, "To keep out the dead-body fuckers."
Izzy then ran at the fence yelling, "NOT FOR LONG" It
was hilarious I giggled just typing that, but if you
don't laugh, then you had to have been there... Anyway,
back to Salem Bathory. My friend Cullen knows him, and my
mom says his name sounds familiar (his real one, not Salem
Bathory) and he just signed on. ^_^

Today at lunch it was cold. That's pretty much all there
is to it, but I typed nonetheless. My fingers typed until
they could no longer move, and I lost feeling in my hands,
but it's December, one should expect things like that to
happen if one chooses not to wear gloves. Obviously. But
Mike went out of his way to say hello to me today, so I
felt special... very special since he hardly ever talks to
me anymore. And also I saw the *~JOYGASM~* guy. He makes
me nervous though. Other than that, my day sucked.
Headache all day, and I over slept by an hour. And I still
managed to get to school on time by not taking a shower. I
took one last night though, so I wasn't dirty, my hair just
didn't want to be straight. ::sneezle:: eeps Oh yeah, and
my brother was sick today.