Tw¡ñg£ë§ Diary
2001-08-24 23:43:53 (UTC)

First day of the rest of my "DIARY" hehehe

Well I decided to start keeping a Diary/Journal online. I
love sharing my thoughts, dreams, fantasies. I had quite
a busy day, I cleaned house and created several more
webpages for my site, I am having lots of fun doing that.

I have been listening to that Talk Radio station, this
dude on here always is talking about flashing someone on
for all us women to flash the cars beside us.

Pssst I couldnt believe I did that the other day to this
truck driver that was staring so hard at me, it was
bugging me and I had a sudden thought about this dude on
the radio......and WHOOOOOSH up goes my shirt. Left the
trucker in the dust cause I was so embarased LOL. OH Well I
did it, I prolly won't ever see that man again. "THANK

I took a nice long hot bubble bath today, ahhhhh it felt
so good. I seem to never get the time to really pamper
myself, hmmmmmm maybe I will go take another right now

Ok Mr. Diary, Till tomorrow. MUAHHHHHH