Used n Abused
2001-08-24 23:26:22 (UTC)


Hi all who is reading this. I just made this today.So today
i woke up around 12:00,well i didnt wake up.Dad yelled at
me to get up and clean the room.So i had to drag my self
out of bed and get up,go and put on my contacts and fix my
hair and get dressed.Then i went and checked my pager and
called my friend. Then went downstairs and ate something
(2:32) and called my cousin to see what she wanted. She
keeps asking if this one boy has paged her. what i dun
want to tell her that he paged me..and i like him before
she did.its not fair ,every boy i like my cousins like or
one of my friend likes em so i back like that..try
not to take someone that my friend likes. but im sick of
it! what about what i want!?!?!!? I mean when i try to tell
my older alyssa she says leave me alone or something.Me and
her arent close as i would like us to be.We have our moment
but...But me and my lil sister brittany are reall close .
OK back to my cousin. Whenever she calls shes always
talking about how she got her nails done or she went to the
taning booth or how shes gonna go to Houston for some
party! She acts like i never been to any partys and acts
like i never been around people.I mean its so annoying!I
tell my mom about it and shes like i dont want to hear it.
So i dun know what to do. oWw i hurt my thumb,wrist and
foot at volleyball practice.Kim's(alyssas best friend)
school is having a dance.Alyssa is gonna go. But why should
i talk about that when i cant even go..Im mad at david
cause i gave him my number and he hasnt called me ..i went
and told him before i got off that how come he hasnt called
and that did he get my number just to put in his lil "black
book". A couple days ago we found out that my Papa-Honey
(grandpa) has something is wrong with him.I dunno. I gotta go and
fold the clothes so untill next time,this is lauren Signing
out! Luv ya! god bless! pEace lauren :hotchickgi