Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
2002-12-02 22:46:47 (UTC)

I've got to keep myself together, you know I hate to disappoint...

Another two weeks since my last entry. But, it's amazing
how much has happened to me in those short two weeks. I'm
back at work from having off a couple of days for
Thanksgiving, still busy as hell and hating it as much as

My best friend is leaving for San Francisco in two days.
Last night was our last outing to the Church. It's the end
of an era, I guess, and I feel lost and broken without a
crutch to rely on now.

Went home to my parent's house for Thanksgiving. Found out
my brother-in-law has cancer, and it doesn't look good.
Nothing much was ever said.

When everything's crashed down around you, where do you go
from there? How do you start over and rebuild when there's
no one there to help you?

Do you ever go home and cry and want to die?

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