CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-08-24 23:16:52 (UTC)

My crazy Life...

Ok since this is my first entry I guess there will be alot
to talk about! Ok first off off When I was about 9 my
parents divorced and my mom got this boyfriend and his name
is Mike well he's the one that messed up our whole family I
hate that bastard!! Any hoo They remarried when I was
around 11 and my mom just kept cheatin on my dad afterwards
and my dad just everytime lets it slide like it won't
happen again yea right!!So anyways I'm not the perfect child and my
parents wonder why? Fuckin wake up dude look at my life. Any hoo
enough about my dumb ass family!!My best friend is probally Krista
I've known her since 3rd grade and all we've ever done is get into
trouble.Not as much as her and some of her other best friends but we
have....I dunno I guess I'll just talk about my oh so wonderful ove
life! Theres a guy I met and his name is Shelby he is
like the sweetest guy I know!! I don't really think I'm
like in love with him but i like him soooo soooo much but
the thing is we haven't met yet. He lives and Michigan and
I live in Misouri and so I dunno if it will. But I still
like. Hes like the perfect guy. But hes a bad
All I do is like think of him all the time He's just
always on my mind. DANMMIT!! Life is sooo shitty why can't
he live closer or I live closer and now my mom is all
gettin on my case about Long Distance shit. Like I care
what she thinks. But then there is like 3 guys here that
like me and it's not cool. Theres Ben YEA RIGHT!! He's like
so not cool he's one of those nerby people that are just
funny with all their nerdy friends I dunno. Then there is
Jameson he's like the biggest pervert I know All he does is
like ask me perverted questions and I've known him since i
was 2 so It's really creepy!! Then there is Clint but I
dunno if Clint likes me now he said he started likeing me
over the summer again.We went to the zoo together with my
family and my cousin was there and shes 2 and it was soo
cute when he was all playin with her.... he's a sweet guy 2
but I dunno if I like him more than a friend I'm just like
sooo obsessed with Shelby its crazy and he lives like 15
hours away from me!!But if we ever met he'd be like eeww!!
Gross I liked her!Gross and long distance things never work
not that me and Shelby will go out cuz its 2 far for one
and I know he won't ask me out anyways he could get like
any gil he wants there and he knows it 2 I know he does
even if he denys it...Ok I think I've written enough about
him cuz I'm soo pathetic!! School just started and maybe I'l find
someone but then all I'll probally think about is Shelby hes just soo
perfect I sould really girly though sayin that but its true well
except for the whole distce thing!! That bites big balls!...Dude I
think I need a knew life....

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