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2001-08-24 22:14:41 (UTC)

This is my first one!!

I am using LiveJournal but I am sick of it always being
down. So I clicked a link and it brought me here. I don't
know what this is going to be like but I hope I can write
more on here. If you want to read my live journal you can
go to.....

So what should I write about. Oh I was supposed to go over
to this guys house Wednesday but he stood me up and I just
now got a hold of him. THE JERK!!!! Then Steve is just a
big jerk. I am aloud to call him that for how he treated
me. I will go into that more later. I don't know what else
to write. I know that nobody ever reads my journal except
my best friend and Steve that is it. That's all!!! no body
every reads it and if they do then they never write
anything. See in LiveJournal you can respond to the journal
entries. I don't know if you can do that in here but I
can't wait to see.

Well I am off.

Talk to you later.