Ode to a psycho!HA!
2002-12-02 20:36:22 (UTC)

Of Late

Well, I did talk to Nick, things didn't go over too well, I
still have feelings for him, and he.....well, he feels "that
was eight months ago, it doesn't matter anymore, get over
it." is pretty much how he feels. I'm an idiot for even
gatting involved. Anyway, Tony and I made a superior on our
duet song at districts, and Elyse and I also made superior on
our duet scene. May I also mentio that these two events were
the only one's from our troope to make superior. =) feels
pretty damn good, to be good at something for once.=) The JCC
concert went very well, as did the wjct taping. ( the chorus
made it's own PBS christmas special) School's x-mas concert
is next tuesday, Auditions for Fiddler on the Roof are next
monday, Auditions for Little Shop of Horrors is next
Thursday, The Nutcracker is next weekend, Cammies wedding is
this friday, Disney rehearsal continue this thursday, and
next week. The 1st Miss Fletcher meeting is this Thursday at
the same time as Disney rehearsal and later the same day are
the parent meetings for both the Disney trip and Miss pagent,
and Chorus all at the same general time. My math project is
due this friday, x-mas is the 16, disney is the 18-19 the
Pops symphony concert is the 19-21 and we leave for New York
the 21, and I have Mid terms, and Ballet every monday. So
things aren't too busy. =) I'm depressed as can be expected,
I throw myself into my art. If that's what you want to call
it. =) I try not to think about my personal life. If I can
keep everything professional I find I don't get hurt as
easily, or as often. I haven't been sleeping much, and I'm
ultimately getting fat.=) I figure this type of progression
is normal for any teenger, I figure I just have to deal, and
when I leave this God forsaken place, and move to college
somewhere I can join a gym, or go to the one in my dorm, and
college kids don't have much money, so I can start eating
only healthy type food. With the exception of pizza of
course. which I might add is a very healthy form or
sustinence. I'm so hungry.
and I'm freezing. I'm going to do homework, I'll catch up
again another time.