My Reality
2002-12-02 20:24:46 (UTC)

On a lighter note...

i think i was accepted to the art mom found
out that the check that i sent in with my application was
cashed so she believes that they took me...i am not so sure
thats a green light to start packing my bags but i do think
its at least a good sign that htey have looked at my
application and are contemplating whether or not to send me
a congratulations letter or a im sorry to inform you just waiting it out and hoping to receive good
news...i think reguardless of what happens i am still going
to move far away from home...i mean there is this school in
raleigh that i wouldnt mind going to ...i have some friends
there, but my first choice is charlotte because i want to
see if i can hack it...i really want to be tested..i mean i
have been no where near a big city and i want to know if i
can handle the difference...i am interested in going to the
art institute or there is a really really cool cosmetology
school in gastonia that i just found out about...its
awesome its one of the msot indepth schools i have seen...i
have been thinking a lot here lately and i could work it to
where i got my associates degree in interior design, get a
job with that and try going back to school for
cosmetology..either way i am set with a career and it
wouldnt take that long both are abuot a year and a half
each and i can take my pick of what i want to would
work out great...well jsut have to see where i am when the
time comes down to it...
oh oh..did i mention i miss josh..did i mentino i wouldnt
mind being with him for a good long while...did i mention i
just wanna throw him down on a bed and pounce on him...did
i mention that if i dont feel him touch me soon i might
burst..did i mention i am so horny i might burst...i have
had no action since that is starting to get
rough i want sex and i want josh and if i could have both
at the same time i would be in heaven..i mean dont get me
wrong i have plenty of sex available to just kinda
holding out...josh is what i want...anywho, gotta go nap
and have lots of sex dreams about josh...hehehehehe