My Reality
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2002-12-02 20:12:40 (UTC)


thast right nothing...i have heard absolutly nothing from
josh...i miss him and i want to know why he chose just to
forget about us getting to see each other....i feel like
something is happening and i cant decide whats wrong...he
does weird things like this ....when he feels he needs to
end the relationship he will freak out and stop talking to
me for a little while and then bam he drops the bomb that
he is scared thats what this is, but at the same
time i cant help but think that makes no sense..i mean the
last time we talked it took around five hours and he was so
excited to get to see me and touch me and kiss me and what just so confused right now...i think i am going
to let the more intellectual and "keep it together" side of
my brain tell me that he was busy with work and that he
needs the money for christmas and that he just absolutly
completely didnt have time....thats it...i believe
it...sure ting...i dont think he is with another girl i
dont think he has forgotten about me i dont think he has
moved on, i think he was just busy and he misses me like
mad crazy and he cant wait till he comes home and we get to
see each other