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2002-12-02 18:49:26 (UTC)


Do you remember slipping
into the booth
beneath a picture of Ali
and floating words into the space between us?

Something happened then while
you defined courage
as an everyday occurrence,
but rare,
and that vulnerable needed a reason.

I’m not sure which words are right,
but there are phrases I want to say.
So Hughes, draw me your diagram of life and
love in the green fields of now
and chalk me words of Jack London until I remember
the difference between living and existence.

And understand that I know all things end,
which is why I thought I thought
‘do you suppose this will change or end’,
but spoke it before you left the bed
and said these things you
said but didn’t say - we are
and then we aren’t and yes, it will end, life and loves
always do - but Hughes, I know the sweetness of
living is what we have until we aren’t.

It comes from finding Wyeth’s Christina
in K-Mart, or discussing methanol and chemistry
while kissing
unexpected places.

And knowing that sometimes you’re a girl,
sometimes you’re a goddess. I don’t define it.
I’m happy. Living.

copyright 2002, RSD

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