Lesbian bullshit
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2001-08-24 20:13:17 (UTC)

so the days have gone by and so..

so the days have gone by
and so what
i dont care
so what
i lay in bed all day
but never shedding a tear
i dont get it
am i sad
or mad
or am i glad
im really confused thats for fucking sure
actually i dont really know what i am
i have lost friends
and someone who ment the world to me
it seems that all my suicidal speculations
were actually correct
so they seem
theres no other way out
what if death really is the way out
thats no fun
thats kinda boring
i mean shit...
just this morning
i almost died
my a door that was hanging from the attic
fell down
and tumbled onto me
i wasn't hurt
that bad
now i really cant move
but a tad
fuck im mad!!
ok we got that down
and mad
whats next...
nope im not glad, thats for fuck sake
well whatever
here we go
on with another boring day
fuckin' A