The Story of Me
2001-08-24 20:07:48 (UTC)

Nothing Interesting

Well, doesn't the title say everything. It's been pretty
boring around here lately. I've been able to sleep in a
little bit later than I have in the past week, and it feels
good to get caught up on some sleep. My friend Bob has a
night off work tonight, and he wants to get everyone
together to go bowling or something so that will be cool.
He's had a total of like 3 days off all summer, so he's
always busy. And it will be good to see some of the people
that I haven't seen all summer long. And Potsdam students
move back onto campus tomorrow. How sad. Even though i
didn't hang out with them a lot this summer, it will suck
to know that even if I wanted to call them up just to chat,
they won't be in town. grrr. But hopefully I will be up to
visit a bunch of times during the semester.

Our well went dry today. That hasn't happened in years. And
it sucks. So we have no water, and we had to steal some
from my neighbors house. I knew that the lack of rain this
summer was going to be bad. So now I'm reduced to heating
up water on the stove to fill the bathtub just to get
clean. But at least i am clean, so that's a plus right? So
hopefully it rains today, and the well will fill up and I
can wake up tomorrow morning and take a nice hot shower.

That's about all for today. I guess I have to get ready to
go bowling or whatever I am doing tonight. I have to get
the scoop, who is going and what time and all that jazz. I
will write again soon i hope.