Fins Talk and Other Thoughts
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2002-12-02 17:37:19 (UTC)

Stupid Bills--Monday, 2 December 2002, 12:28pm

Let's talk about why the Dolphins didn't win yesterday.
One could say that it was the snow, but I don't believe
that for a second. Ray, Ricky, Jason, and Zach were doing
just fine in the snow. One could say that it was because
Ray Lucas left the game prematurely. I don't think so.
Jay Fiedler was injured and came back early, but it was
only his thumb for Christ's sake. It's not like he was
coming back off of brain surgery. And for all intents and
purposes, he played very well when put on the spot. All
quarterbacks throw interceptions. The real reason the
Dolphins lost is that the Bills played dirty and the
officials didn't seem to notice. At least two of their
touchdowns were the result of blunders by the officials.
One touchdown, gained by a quarterback sneak, should never
have happened. The play clock had run down to 00 and the
ball was snapped a second later. Apparently, however, you
cannot challenge the fact that the play clock DID run down
when the officials don't pay attention. That would make
it 31-21 if we take that one away. There was another
touchdown (whose players I don't remember) where the WR
committed plain and simple offensive pass interference.
Now, why didn't we challenge that? Because we were out of
time outs and I don't think you can have the referee look
at the play and call a penalty that late. If we had taken
that away, it would be 24-21. Now, there were several
occasions where the Bills have caused injuries and late
hits that were not called as well. Apparently, the Bills
are above the rules of the game. That's fine. Next week
it's the Bears, and I will be there. I still believe in
my Dolphins.

Until next time . . .

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