listen to my silences
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2002-12-02 15:45:20 (UTC)

where to begin?

let's see...the beginning's always a good place to start,
but sometimes you have to start at the middle and work your
way around things to get to the beginning and as for the
end well i'd really rather not find it yet. anyways...

tuesday i had to work until five. so i did. imagine that
i know. my aunt and uncle came in from oklahoma and i was
supposed to go up to grandma's on wednesday. because
of...various things that have been going on, both with life
itself and then work...i went up on tuesday and spent the
night. i'm so glad i did. i had a great time. on
wednesday my aunt and uncle and grandma went shopping and i
picked out my christmas presents from my aunt and uncle.
because i already knew what they were i got to wear them
already. they gave me two shirts and they rock. i love
them. to say the least. lol. i was planning on
going home on wednesday night, but i decided to stay until
thursday. it was great. we played all kinds of card games
and i loved being with the "adults" lol. plus i got to
sleep at my other aunt's house in the most comfortable bed
in the entire world and i actually slept. i was excited.
two nights in a row i think it's a record. i went home
before thanksgiving dinner started cause i had to work. oh
well. on friday i went to my other grandma's house to have
thanksgiving dinner there, which was really good, and i had
to leave there early too, also because of work.

mom bought me a really pretty sweater on tuesday. unusual.

friday night after work i went shopping at wal-mart and k-
mart. i was out until one. then i stayed up until two
thirty trying to put a puzzle together. lol.

saturday i worked and then mary and i went to see harry
potter. i was somewhat disappointed, because i've read the
book and they left a lot of things out. we went because we
hadn't hung out in a long while. jamie had to work and we
didn't say anything, i felt bad since we didn't tell her or
ask her, but it was kind of a last minute thing for us
anyways. oh well. i got home at one and jonathon called
me about one thirty. we had a really good conversation; a
lot of things got accomplished. and though we talked until
four and i had to get up at seven fifteen to go to work, it
was definitely worth it.

work was fun yesterday. i like working jewelry.

after work i went to see nick. he was in from tennessee
and i've missed him a lot. i learned all my sarcasm, well
most of it, from him. i have my own style and all, but i
learned from him. as stephen says, i'm his protege, but
i'm worse because i'm female. lol he agrees. i was there
for an hour. i'd have stayed longer but they were having
dinner and though sheila and nick both asked me to stay, i
didn't. it was their last dinner before he goes back, so i
just went home. i ate dinner, worked on that stupid puzzle
which i still can't get together, then went to bed at eight
thirty. i slept till four, which was nice. but then i
tossed and turned until six thirty. but hey i got eight
hours of sleep so it's okay.

you two-i'm going to miss you too but i'm not leaving you.
i'll always be here if you want me to. i still need to get
that card to you, and as for you let me know if i can help.

you-we need to get together again. the park was a blast.

you-i know we're both busy because of school but i miss you
and all the fun we've had and we definitely need to hang
out again soon.

you-i'm looking forward to tuesday night. i've missed you
and all the laughs you inevitably supply.

you-we need to watch monster's inc. we will.

you-enough with all this homework. i miss you.


you-where are you? why can't i know?

have fun with that one lol. okay well i really do have to
go because i have to type up the final draft of this paper.

later all.

final thought: she said life's a lot to think about
sometimes when you're living in between the lines and all
of the stars are sparkling shine everyday. he said life's
so hard to move in sometimes when it feels like i'm towing
the line and no one even cares to ask me why i feel this
way. he said life's a lot to think about sometimes when
you keep it all between the lines and everything i want and
i want to find one of these days. ... i agree.

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