2002-12-02 14:14:59 (UTC)

Pot again

Maybe I'm being juvenile or selfish or just silly, but it
makes sense to me somehow. I don't like when Brent smokes
around me. It makes me very uncomfortable. He isn't my same
Brent when he smokes. I also look at it as a childish thing
to do. Yeah, a lot of kids in college smoke up, but it's
kinda like something they grow out of. So I guess I was
hoping that he would grow out of it soon, but he isn't.
Last night he basically chose to smoke over being with me.
Our first night back. Can you believe that? I pretended
like it didn't matter, which was probably stupid. But I
didn't want him to think that I'm in control of him or who
he is. I don't know what to do. I just don't want to lose
him to pot. If I do, then maybe it really just wasn't meant
to be as we both originally thought.