Miss Tasty and Fyne
2001-08-24 17:39:16 (UTC)

What happened last night

Last night was terrific. My baby and me kicked it all nice
listened to Bob Marley and the Melody Makers and busted
head. There was alot of kissing and hugging, alot more
than when the kids were up. We started on the couch
kissing and rubbing each other then my baby said he wanted
me to give him a lap dance. I went into the bathroon and
changed into my slinkiest, shortest nightgown, with no
panties and came into the living room. My baby had gotten
undressed down to his boxers, boy he looked sexy with his
man meat hanging out of his shorts. I came in and started
his lap dance first i was facing him he put his knee
between my legs so the would be parted and of course so he
could see the hint of my shaved pond. As i danced in front
of him he kissed at my belly and sucked on my inner thigh
yoiu knbow how good that felt. I turned around and put my
rump in his face, i got what you call a ghetto booty and it
is perfectly round and pretty, my baby likes that. He took
his hands and carressed my perfectly round tailend. I bent
over to touch my toes and when i turned around he was hard
and the statue of liberty's arm....

My baby likes when i call him daddy and i love how it makes
him act. He stood up and started to dance with me. I
freaked him from the front first, then i freaked him from
the back. We kissed and dance for about an hour just
rubbing and holding each other. Then my baby decided he
was ready to feel me. We went into the room, My baby likes
candles so there is always one lit. The room was all
fragranced from the candle and incense. I decided that we
need to smoke another fat ass joint to just set the mood
off right. I rolled it and my baby took it and rub it
between my legs and it was sure wet down there after all
that petting and rubbing.....Foreplay is the best part.
her almost wet it too much. He took the lighter and dried
it and lit it to smoke. The weed mised with the incense
and candle and love juice from between my legs that the the
most wonderful aphrodisiac. My baby hit it a couple of
times and passed it to me. While i was smoking my baby
decided to taste me. I was in a wild frenzy trying to hit
the weed and get some head all at the same time. Then we
swithced up, I took him in my mouth all the way to the base
and the i caressed his sacks with my tongue. He wwent
wild, they are very sensitive. i let my tongue roave all
over his body, I could have gotten cotten mouth from all
the weed we had smoked but i keep a cup of ice beside my
bed just for such emergencies. Plus my baby loves it when
i suck him with ice in my mouth. I drives him mad. And
again it also makes him harder than the statue of liberty's

My baby loves me so much he tells me constantly, and i love
him as well, right now we are dicovering what turns each
other on. I love it when he is laying on top of me with my
arms above my head and he is licking down my arm and
sucking on my neck. I also live it when he puts my legs
straight up and sucks on my toes, he is very good at the
nasty ass nigga, his tongue sucks every individual toes and
treat it like a piece of candy. I love that while we are
doing it, it drives me crazy. We also have a new favorite
position, it is kinda like doggy style from the back but i
am on my stomach flat with my ass in the air and he is
laying on my back with my legs between his legs. With him
sucking on the back of my neck and ear. I have multiples
before he can get one. I love that too. My baby likes to
fantasize about me with other me and the both of us with
others, It makes me wet right now just to think about the
fun we will soon be having experienceing each other and
others too. Right now we are on the younger female tip.
Now i am not old but i am not eighteen either and i have
had a couple of kids, so it is not as tight as i want it to
be but i can squeeze it shut so tight not even a doctor
doing a pap could open it up. And my baby loves that too.
So last night we were on the i was eighteen years old and i
had never done it before. Boy he love that shit for real.
I whispered nasty things in his ear and he sweated all over
me. He pulled my hair and bit my neck, and acutally tried
to break my back out. Just before he came we turned over
and i let him suck on my titties while he pounded the last
strokes home and them we came together.......

And we both love that.