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2002-12-02 05:41:09 (UTC)


I visited a place last Saturday, and it took my breath away.

literally, for a few minutes i was underwater not

anyhow, my *little* trip was an eye opener. and stripped me
of alot of rage id been feeling forever and a day (or at
least 4 months). everything washed away *but* as the week
continued other things got worse...

my fellow Queens had a problem. a love triangle that
freaked out aloota people.

a fight between a former friend and me.

my parents threating everything from divorce to well you
really dont wanna know.

and to top it all off, i got my period this week too.

needless to say, im feeling someone untouched. not
nessacarily unscathed but maybe just not really as bothered
as i should have been.

you cant walk around feeling like SuperWoman for a week and
be surprised when you come down. Im not sure if its
happened yet, i mean i haved moments of emotional
disfunction (no more then usual) but i dont think ive hit
the bottom of my energy boost yet. i hope it doesnt come
for a long long time.

night for now

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