My Journal...sorta lol
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2002-12-02 04:42:18 (UTC)

damn the weekends over :-( 12-1

well this weekend was pretty cool... wednesday i had a half
day of school and then after i got out i went out to eat
with brandon, v and jj... so then me and marc and v went to
go see the ring and sat in the ghetto booth at the theatre
lol then i went to my grammas to make a pie and get ready
for thanksgiving then i met up with jeff and brandon and
saw signs that movie is sooo frickin scary omg lol anywho..
so then thursday was nice. i went by my grammas and we had
dinner and whatnot then i went with v, jj, and brett out
for coffee but everyone but v ended up with hot cocoa
lol... so then i was tired so i went home to sleep and
friday i worked 11-4 cuz marc was nice enough to cover for
me :-) then i went home, got ready, got becky, stu, and
dan and we went out for nicoles 18th bday it was fun
even tho we like split up... me and dan went and got some
food while stu got her navel pierced with becky... i let
dan drive my car..bigggg mistake lol naw hes a good driver
i guess hehe then he saw a ribbon in the road and grabbed
it, and put it in his pocket, hes funny as hell lol yea so
then i had to take him home cuz he had other plans, then i
go back to get stu and becky and then drop beck off and me
and stu go out for a lil while more...
so saturday i tried sleeping in BUT my dad thought it
would be nice to vaccum at 8 in the morning... yea i was
pissed lol so then i got up and had to work 4-close gay
then i went, got diane and dropped her off at home cuz im
just that nice and justin owes me big time hehe then mark
called and i was supposed to go midnight bowling with him i
didnt have enough dough and he offered to pay for me but i
was like mmm no, i feel weird when guys do that maybe im
just not used to it lol w/e so then i just said to call
when he got done bowling and he called at like 1:30... i
was supposed to be home around 2-2:30 but w/e so i met up
with him and ricky at dennys and we stayed there for like 2
hours talking.. it was nice, i think i like him... idk its
like i want the things i cant have and the things i can
have i dont know if i want.... but im gunna change that, i
think me and mark are eventually gunna get back together...
which will be good for me i think, take my mind off other i give him a hug before we leave, i know he wanted
a kiss lol but i think being better friends first and takin
it slow will help... so then i get home at like 4 and
remember i gotta get up at 7 to go decorate cousins yay
so i dont even bother taking my contacts out and i sleep in
my clothes lol so then i go decorate, things go alllll
wrong i was so tired i didnt know whether to cry or laugh
so i did both lol i wanted it to look good and stuff and
then after were almost done with the lights, angies like
thats against fire regulations or something w/e im leaving
them up hehe so then i come home, sleep, then go back to
cuzins for more decorating and now im here... i dont wanna
go to school tomorrow but i prolly will end up going lol
wednesday to friday my parents are going out of town woo
hoo so i might not go to school those days lol ill have
someone call me in hehe anywho im gunna go do hw maybe lol
peace out


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