all about me
2000-11-02 22:32:32 (UTC)

i dont know y but lately ive..

i dont know y but lately ive been like really sad sorta. not like my
usual self i dont know what is wrong with me like i cant find a
certain thing that is bugging me so ya i dont know. my mom was like
telling me how ive been in such bad moods lately and im just like mad
at her and my sister today because my sister is like a genious and
well im like not and she just got her report card and got all A's and
mostly A 's but when she saw she didnt have straight A 's she got all
mad so i just was like omg u piss me of y dont u just live with ur
A's because i dont even get any at all! god she makes me mad!!!! well
i dont know im just all upset today and later i hafta go bbsit for
these little brats and i get paid like nothing at all i dont know y i
said id do it!! geez o man....byebye

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