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2002-12-02 04:30:42 (UTC)

1st * Thanksgiving Weekend-Shop-a-holic

Shopping during the christmas season is about giving..not
receiving..well i've been doing both--> buying things to
give ..and i receiving those things.. ahhh...let's see
what i have been doin this thanksgiving break:

Wed: worked from 2-7...went shopping @ Abercrombie..bought
a zip up..and hoody --> $90 ..then watched Monster's Inc
wit Jeremy
Thurs: Thanksgiving..went to CHurchie..spent Lunch wit
jer's family and dinner with mine =)-->$0

Fri: No worky..worked on College apps..jer came over finished
personal statement...he came by after work (yes again)and
watched "Life or something like it"
wit Angelina Jolie in it...and yeah.

Sat: Um..jer's mom got upset about sum stuff..mailed my UC
college aps and CSUN ap...went shopping with
stephanie...bought: Shoes, Build-a-bear for my worker,
Xmas gift for my Jer, and finally found out what i was
gonnag et for my friends for Xmas.. $120 ..Oh yeah, and saw ANdrea
and her Sergio lol, marco's cuter..(looks @ marco) no
--Spent the night with jeremy (yes i saw him AGAIN) lol i love him,
what do you expect?

Sun: Andrea called me upset =( she is a wonderful girl but
too bad her man isn't..wait lol..well u kno..he is but jus
sumt hings aren't meant to be..i worked forever...man i
made TWO voids today =( it's hard work man..anyway i went
shoppiong..again help me i'm never satisfied..cuz i think
i'm gonna return that jacket @ Tillys ($40)..return my
shoes..and return one of the sweaters from
Abercrombie..sheesh..oh well..

I love you all


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