buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-08-24 15:23:15 (UTC)

i wanna go to chelle's!!!

i really wanna go to chelle's house! my parents aren't and
haven't been cooperating lately tho. that sux really bad. we
went to the races at BIR last weekend. that was lots of fun.
i hung out with mark most of the time. he's cool. i'm
confused tho cuz i'm not sure what he thinks of me. and i
think that i had this one dream, but i'm not sure if it was
real or what and...yeah. i'm just a confused person. then on
wednesday adam called me and we talked for like an hour. i
hadn't heard from him since march so that was really wierd.
i had my last day of work on tuesday. that was such much
fun. woohoo-goodie for me. i wish that my mom would've let
me stay at chelle's on wednesday night. she was crabby tho.
that wasn't good. not at all. i get to go shoppin tomorrow
tho! that will be lotz of fun. i'm not goin to the races
tomorrow. i hope that my bros and dad go cuz that would be
good. i think i'm goin to paint the station with my dad
later. that will be just so much fun. i really hope that i
can go to chelle's just one more times this summer but i
don't think that will happen. cuz summer's almost gone:(
we're goin to the state fair next week. that will be really
fun! we hafta get those cookies! uh-oh! i just heard a big
crash! my bros probly broke somethin. stupid stupid stupid!