It's Hot in Here...
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2001-08-24 15:13:57 (UTC)


Whoa...I had the strangest dream last night...It was all
about how my moms house got robbed and I went around
investigating to try and find out who it was...You wouldn't
think a house being robbed was all that frightning, but the
way my dream was, it was very scarry...So then I found out
that the house was robbed by talking animals (Planet of the
Apes anyone?)...These fish kept jumping out of their
fish tank and I would have to catch them and they would try
and bite me...The last thing I remember was a turtle who was
the only nice one, offered to talk with me and I said ok,
walked over to a chair sat down...And the turtle said "ok I
am going to sit down now", and he stretched out his legs and
his neck soooooo long...And then I woke up...Odd huh???