Anything But Ordinary
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2002-12-02 03:57:53 (UTC)

Dec. 1-New Start

Well, it's the start of new month and i guess it's a good
time to start this diary thing. I've found that one's
written on paper can easily be lost or forgotten, so i
figured this will be better. So about me. I'm 16, I live in
Colorado. Anothing thing about me is that i'm Bi. Bi as in
bisexual. It's really no big deal. It's just how I am.
People always ask me how it is feeling this way or
whatever. I'm just another human being that just see's life
differently. Then after that people ask what i like more,
girls or guys. Really, it's about 50, 50. I like guys and
girls equaly. I'll date any guy or girl. Right now i like a
couple guys and girls. There's really no preference. But
anyways. That's basicly who I am. I like to be unique and
be myself. I have two great friends, excuse me, BEST
friends that I can say I love with all my heart. They have
never questioned why i'm the way I am. They just have been
so exepting. I thank them sooo much. I don't know where I'd
be without them.
So, anyways......what else about me. I like acting and I'm
on the school speech team. I also do the plays and
musicals. In the spring I join the Track team. I'm not
great, but it's fun.
Well, that's all for today.

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