Scenes from a Marriage
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2001-08-24 14:41:13 (UTC)

Friday, August 24th

It is finally Friday, it seems like this week has been so
long, I was so tired yesterday after the concert I took a
20 minute nap in the car before I came into work. Then I
yawned all day yesterday, went to bed by 10:00 pm. Hubby
was at least nice enough to rub my back, feet, and hands
since I had a migraine yesterday. Or, maybe he was just
trying to make up for the fact he got home from work at
almost 7:00 pm. This new job sucks----he is just all
consumed by it trying to suck up and then all I get from
him is watching him sleep in the chair every night and
waking myself up to make sure he gets to work on time.
Then I wonder why I have been getting migraines again after
18 months without one---I think it is stress and
interrupted sleep.

I will be busy working lots of OT the next two weeks, but I
want a cushion for the time I am off for my surgery, I am
only planning on two days off, one on each pay period, but
still I want to have back-up money incase it is longer.
Hubby says his commission will be starting soon and then he
will make another $200 or more every week. That is money
we can be saving so I hope that is true, or would start

I am so worried about my son, he is mad because the one
hockey guy at our house has started going out with the
babysitter. He said "I am mad at both of them because they
like each, he came here to play hockey and live at our
house not pick up our babysitter". I am sure he is just
jealous because she is giving her attention to the hockey
player and not Ben, but when he said all that it really
made me think about my whole situation. I know if he ever
finds out about this whole mess, or it is hubby's child it
will just make Ben hate him even more. He already thinks
that hubby does not listen to him and his feelings, he
would really feel bad then. He is smart enough to know
that the situation is wrong and to be mad about it.