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2001-08-24 12:59:47 (UTC)

sorry guys it's been awhile

Well, I guess things have been busy around here.
I wrote my piano exam Wednesday morning. My sister had a
few friends over the night before (i only got 3 hours of
I woke up at 6am so that I could have time for a shower and
stuff before the exam. I took the bus, cause I didn't want
to deal with anyone. I was mass nervous, and pissed at
myself for not practicing more.....
I got there an hour early. I sat on the church steps for a
little while, drinking my Tim Horton's... Remembered days
of the past when that church was a much bigger part of my
life. My parents got married there. My sister and I were
baptized there. I was supposed to do confirmation in grade
10, but it didn't happen. I told them I wasn't ready, and
they were like, "Well it's your choice, so we won't force
anything on you."
I have to give them credit for that. There was absolutely
no pressure there. I never really went back after that,
though. I realized that church was so much more social
that spiritual, and that made me sick. People went there
just to see their friends. Stupid humans.
Anyways, I realized that it was Wednesday morning, so I
went to the market. I guess I should explain that in my
shit town, the farmer's market is only open Wednesdays and
Saturdays. So sad...
I bought some peaches and brought them back to the church,
and by that time the local RCM representative was already
there. I offered her a peach, she declined, and we talked
for a little while. She's so nice...
The C.E. director finally showed up and unlocked the door,
turned off the security system (just the thought of that
makes me laugh!) and let us inside.
I helped them set up for the exam (just a couple of tables
n stuff) and then we waited for the examiner...
I saw her outside, so I waited at the door to let her in,
and I showed her the way to the sanctuary (it's a pretty
big and confusing church if you've never been in there
She was very friendly, and young. Real pretty too.
I had the first scheduled exam that day. Probably a good
thing, cause I got it over with ASAP!
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think I might
have passed... My fingers are crossed.
I called John after my exam, and we had a misunderstanding
about where he would pick me up, and I was already upset
because of the stress of the exam and cause a couple of
bees were bugging me (I HATE BEES!), so I was pretty bummed
when I got in the car. We had a fight, and he offered to
take me home, but I didn't want to go there.
I just wanted to lie in his arms for a few hours until work.
So we went to his place, talked about stuff, and then
cuddled for a while (cause we were both exhausted) and I
ended up falling asleep in his arms (awwwwwwwww!).
We watched the end of THX1138 (his favorite) and then I
left for work.
While I was on my break, I took my scratch ticket (I was on
a winning streak...) to pizza pizza, and after I finished
eating, I ran into... My parents!
It was the first time I saw them in three or four days, so
I took a little while for hugs n stuff, and then I ran back
to work. They said they were gonna take us out for dinner
Dinner was delicious, I had this shrimp alfredo with bowtie
pasta ;) mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
K well I should stop writing, I have to eat a quick
breakfast then run to work.
bye guys!
thanks for reading ;)