Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
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2002-12-02 02:20:38 (UTC)

This one's for a catch-up for some days I left out

Well, how long has it been since I wrote in this
thing...? I can't really remember. Anyways Thanksgiving was
awsome we ate out at a restaurant and everything :) I got
my fill though. I've been playing A LOT of animal crossing
since I bought it last week. I can't put it down... and I
miss talking to my friends online.
I know I don't have man friends on my budylist or
anything, but it is important to talk to your friends and
everthing. I usually just send an E-mail. Anyways, I'll be
17 soon. My dad wants me to get a rifle instead of a
pistol. I think its because that ever since I told him I
was going to kill myself one day, he got little nervous.
Little doese he know I've come too far to quit now.
Actually, I fear death. I guess that makes me a coward :(
I just don't wish I was dead though. (unless one of my
closest people to me die) Maybe then but other than that,
no. :)You know, Malinde doesn't know what I actually look
like yet.... I wish I could tell her I have a thin hair
line... and a lot of body hair. hahaha but I bet she would
like the hair part :) I don't look bald or anything, just a
little thin hair some people would complain about.
What else am I missing....? ... oh... yeah, that...
now that I think about it, I have only had one girlfriend.
Her name was Samantha. She was so beautiful... the kind of
girl any guy would dream about. She dumped me after a week
though. Not that I blame her or anything. I never came
over, wrote her a letter, or spent one hour with her I'm
such a bastard I had my chances, and I blew it. I
wouldn't care what my girlfriend looks like haha well
maybe, but in reality, it come to her pesonality.
I understand how girls would think if a guy they like
neglects them. Samantha has moved on though, and that was
years ago before junior high. I'm pretty sure she must've
gone out with a million guys now. Well, it was nice to
catch up on some things, and pass some memories to kill
time, but I should be going now. I'll see you around Mr.
Journal guy :-/ (that was a little wierd).

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