Welcome to own demise
2002-12-02 02:19:43 (UTC)

give me a reason to love you, give me a reason to be....a woman

finally back from mass... its so odd how things work huh?

i was on the train to boston with my mother and gabi and
this guy started talking to me. he was fairly attractive...
hispanic... "urban" lookin guy... asked for my number and
whatnot.. told me i was beautiful.. i told him ilived in
chicago, and he was like well ilive in new york.. i gave
him my email address instead... ill be extremely suprised
if he actually emails me.....ha

i finished reading my book... eh.

i went out last night with this one guy... he smoked me
out. i got pretty stoned, it was nice, like real nice i
needed that. he couldnt get me the rolls but he said hed
def. get them for me for the
next time im out there..... which will be like the 20th so

i talked to albert today. hes still on house arrest. poor
guy. lol i talekd ot rebecca last night she told me he was
tryion to reach me, guy's so lonely hed chill wiht marco if
he came over. i told him bout my plans for the weekend, and
bout "the plan" he he he.... yea

the whole safe house thing with rebecca isnt gonna work for
now bc she doesnt live up on gthe northside anymore and i
dunnoa lot of shit i dont wanna go into it..

i wish i had some bud... mmm some of that awesome bud marco
gets... ooh goodness.. eh..

i have to go shopping.. this year will prolly be the
easiest year ever for christmas shopping.. sinc ei have
like no friends ha rebecca, marco, i should get soemthign
for the boys, so dave adn albert... and olivia.. i got
rebecca one thing so far.. well i made her something
anyway.. i got albert something already, oh im so proud of
his present.. i really am. i really hope he doesnt feel
guilty bout it, i think he might.. or he might think its
gay, but eh.. i have no idea what to get dave or marco
marco will prolly be the hardest to shop for... eh well i
dunno itll prolly be a tie b/w him and dave. olivia is by
far the easiest.

i wish i had some sleeping pills, i want to sleep......sooo
bad. :(

i want to play the friends trivia game with albert and
rebecca. albert thinks hes smoke us both..... pssh... we'll
just see bout that

"when the package is this pretty, no one cares whats in it"
"its a moo point"..."a moo point?".."yea like a cow's
opinion, it doesn't's moo"