The Calamari Files
2002-12-02 01:55:53 (UTC)

Go Kate Bush, go

hey gang
(although i don't think anyone reads this)

hows it all going.
Throat infection you say? All gone now. Sure, ive got quite
an impressive hacking cough, but nothing else.
Hows the weekend been then? Mines been a corker, i went to
ryans on saturday and got my Thanksgiving on. It was an
epic battle of eating, and i was my own personal victor.
All good. then we cabbaged and played on the PS2 and my
Gamecube. It was a good one.

Which leads to today. Unfortunatly ryans great granddad
died, and i was wordless. thankfully danny said `im sorry
for everything and i hope it all goes well` (his dad is
going back to seattle to see the family). I felt like a
total moron, mumbling `terrible`, `its a grand old age`
(99) and other really cliched things. but i just didn't
know what to say.

Chilled out there for a while, then returned home. My essay
is up to about 700 words, so not bad, i have all tomorrow
to do it- so tomorrow night it is then. My dad gave me
forty quid, which is always a bonus, and im just messing
about getting my washing done and listening to `The Whole
Story` of Kate Bush. Heathcliffe, it's meeeea, Cathy, I've
come home now- let me in through your window. And so on.
All good.

Oh and i just spoke to Darren on the phone, hes a dude.
Ended up getting into a series of deep conversations about
the nature of definition and how people can't be classified
by their individual parts, they all make up a person. And
then how to deep throat someone. It was bizzare. i still
can't decided if anything will happen, i hope so but it's
looking a bit doubtful. i don't talk to people about oral
sex if im going to be having it with them- or do you??
Tricky one.

take it east.