Wandering Thoughts
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2001-08-24 09:06:49 (UTC)

August 23rd 2001

"Our more famous colleagues: Doug Henning, David
Copperfield, and Harry Blackstone Jr., to name but a few,
have built up a reputation, and you know and trust that
their shows are accomplished by their craft: magic, sleight
of hand, knowledge of visual perceptions and illusion. We,
however, have not built up that credibility. We are
relatively unknown. So I'd like to give you my word that
everything you're seeing in this special is accomplished by
organic skill with no camera tricks, chroma-key, edits, or
special camera angles. We are members of the magic
fraternity; we are not special effects men. Teller, the

Anyways... last night I got to sleep. Yay! It was so
nice. I had to get up at 6:30 to make sure Briny was
awake. He didn't go to sleep last night. It's like we
were tading off. LOL. I can't wait Vegas tomorrow. Briny
picked me up for the interview and we headed down there.
The traffic wasn't too bad and we could take the carpool
lane. We got there 2 hours early so we drove around the
neighborhood where OJ killed Nicole Brown (can you guess if
i think he's guilty??) We couldn't find it...but we got
close. Then we headed to MTV Studios. I waited in the car
for over an hour. Wasn't that bad, I had the radio and
what not. Next we went to Hamburger Hamlet's for some
chicken quesadillas and potato patch omletes. They were
quiet tasty. Brian was sooo sleepy. We went to my house
and I did some packing. He slept in my bed while I dropped
my stuff off at the post office. I came back woke him up
and I drove his car over to his house. He slept from 3
until 10 at night. I was so friggin bored, but I didn't
want to leave b/c then he would wake up and I wouldn't be
there. Nothing much else new. Just happy about Vegas.
Can't wait to let loose. LOL, don't be thinking dirty
things. Hasta!