my simple small world
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2002-12-02 00:58:24 (UTC)

it's been awhile.....

It's a girl....a girl...
Hmmmm, a girl.....I've known for like 2 days and I'm still
all in shock about it...I seriously thought it was going to
be a boy....
Erin told me how I don't deserve anything and blah blah
blah, and I said it back to her to prove a point.When I
said it to her, she hung up and got angery...
I called her back telling her I only stated this verbally
to prove a point.It's ok for her to say things,but when I
say them it's horrible...
She didn't understand and just got terribly pissed off.
I find it amusing...
Erin is a hippocrite...
I'm getting fat....
I still think of starfish....but I'm actually 'talking' to
someone now....talking...if that means a damn thing.
It kinda is going toward that friendship that's stronger
then anything else....At least from my perspective that's
what I see it as.
I'm tired of the's gotten to the point where I
laugh at it.I see it swallow everyone up...I see it spit
them out and leave them breathless...and I sit back and
laugh.I don't let it take ahold and don't understand why
anyone would....
For the record: I don't call myself innocent....and I
defenitly don't call myself a whore.You can think whatever
you want, but honestly, I doubt I'll care what you think.
All I care about is my baby...(though she's not born yet),
and 2 misc ppl.....

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